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Our Story

Jacobs Imports, Inc. was established in response to the Caribbean economic downturn of the late 1980s. Starting in 1989 as a small immigrant-owned business, we initially specialized in providing Trinidadian food products to the North American market. Over time, we have grown into a leading supplier of ethnic food products in the United States, catering to wholesalers, supermarkets, and restaurants across the country. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and reliability has solidified Jacobs Imports as a trusted name in the food distribution industry.


We take pride in being the premier North American distributor dedicated to delivering world-class Caribbean products worldwide. From the vibrant flavors of the islands to the highest quality goods, we curate and distribute a diverse range of products that embody the essence of the Caribbean. Join us on a global journey of taste and quality as we bring the best of the Caribbean directly to you.


We are specialist in the marketing and wholesale distribution of food and beverage products in the United States. With certification from the U.S Food and Drug Association in accordance with U.S regulations for international food imports, we have established a highly professional sales, marketing, warehousing, and distribution system. We work closely with a network of supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants, providing them with the products and services they need to succeed in the competitive food and beverage industry.


We promise to provide our customers with the highest quality gourmet products at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to putting in the effort to ensure that a wide range of products are always available, from shipping container to shopping cart. By importing directly from local manufacturers, we are able to simplify the supply chain and deliver cost-effective savings on every order.